Toxic Relationships

Toxic Relationships Don't Discriminate

You could have a toxic:

The list goes on…

Right now, it might feel like being in a toxic situation is an absolute curse.  But before you know it, it’ll be an absolute blessing!

I’ve been in toxic relationships, friendships, and work environments. Each of these experiences has shaped me into a more empowered, badass version of SELF. The same can happen for you!

If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you. (Fred Devito)

Are you done with toxicity? Do you not know what else to do? Who else to turn to? People just don’t seem to understand? Maybe you sound“crazy” every time you try to explain what’s happening. Maybe you’re even questioning whether you’re the toxic one… (you’re not!)

I understand wholeheartedly what you’re going through. I won’t tell you to just get over it, to ignore the behaviors, or to think positively…

The toxic person won't change, but you can!


Become an expert in what narcissistic and emotional abuse is, what it looks like, what it feels like, how to recognize it, and why you’re targeted.


Develop a “self care prescription” that supports your emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.


Identify and HEAL the root causes of why you tolerate such behavior in the first place. (This is where the real SHIFT happens!)


Ditch the drama and disarm toxic people in their tracks.


TRANSFORM and live from a place of personal empowerment and freedom.

Step into your power. Disarm toxicity.

1 session

You are in dire need of answers.  You suspect you’re experiencing narcissistic and/or emotional abuse.  You need somebody to validate your experience and assure you that you’re not going crazy.  You might just need a check-in or a pick-me-up. During your 50-minute session, we’ll talk everything through.  You’ll feel heard, supported, validated, and confident regarding your next steps.


3 months

By the end of this program, you have a strong understanding of how to spot toxicity, narcissists, and people with BPD.  You’ve identified the root causes of why you accept mistreatment, and you’re on your way towards setting firm boundaries and embodying your self-worth.  You’re beginning to implement strategies to cope with anxiety, and you feel lighter, too.  A major weight has been lifted.

6 months

Petal to the metal! This is where you knock it out of the park and reap the benefits of the new you.  You’re ready to step into your power and a new version of yourSELF!  YOU WON’T BE THE SAME PERSON BY THE END OF THIS PROGRAM.