You are currently viewing The Love Gap: Why People Are Successful in Life, But Not in Love

The Love Gap: Why People Are Successful in Life, But Not in Love

The Love Gap: Why People Are Successful in Life, But Not in Love

You might find this surprising…maybe not…

In my work with single high-achieving clients who seem to have everything going for them on paper, a recurrent theme tends to emerge – despite conquering the professional realm, their love lives are either a complete sh*t show or simply nonexistent.

They often wonder why success in the major facets of their lives, like their career, friends, family life, financial abundance, etc., doesn’t translate to success in love.

Instead, they grapple with attracting fixer-uppers, narcissists, commitment-phobes, and an array of challenges in their dating lives.

So, what’s the invisible force that keeps you tethered to patterns of settling, accepting less, and compromising your values?

Meet Your Programming, predominantly formed by the tender age of 7!

This isn’t just about the experiences you had growing up; it’s equally about your interpretations at that tender age.

For instance, if you felt ignored when you made a mistake or misbehaved as a child, you might have internalized the belief that you aren’t enough, creating a narrative that being a ‘good girl or good boy’ would earn the attention you craved.

And guess what? You’re still reciting this narrative subconsciously at 50 if you don’t reprogram this automatic way of thinking.

Yes, when you find yourself thinking, “If I just act agreeable, look nice, dress nice, meet their needs, and be a good partner, then they’ll stay with me…” it’s your inner child at work, shaping that narrative.

And it’s self-abandonment. It’s disempowerment. It’s focusing on keeping a person rather than qualifying whether they’re healthy for you.

Now, imagine the profound impact of clearing these deeply ingrained subconscious blocks that have held you back.

Envision creating ample space for healthy, connected, soulmate love with a partner who sees, loves, and supports you, even on your bad days – because you’ve done this work on yourself.

This is the transformative journey I specialize in, having successfully guided numerous clients through the intricate terrain of overcoming their unique subconscious programming, so they can get unstuck in love and finally attract and keep HEALTHY LOVE.

If you’re tired of the repetitive patterns, if you’re yearning for love, then it’s time to take action and make this the last year you spend without the true love you deserve over the holidays!

Schedule a free Relationship Breakthrough Assessment with me, and together, we’ll uncover your unique programming that’s holding you back in your love life and create an actionable plan so you can break through to REAL love.

P.S. I was once one of these people I’m describing (gasp!), and I’m now engaged to the partner of my dreams!

I know the same outcome can happen for you too once you do this transformative inner-work!

Take it from me who went from a narcissistic abusive relationship to the most loving, supportive, connected relationship I’ve ever had! You deserve this too and can have it when you put in the work. 

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