Some kind words from clients who have shared their experiences working with me.

Reverse of Woman on a Beach

The first day I met Angelica, I instantly felt a connection to her. It was about five months after my grandmother who raised me passed away. I felt very much alone as I was also grieving for the second time, the loss of my mother, who passed away when I was 12 years old. Angelica knew exactly how to support and understand me. She not only made it so easy to talk to her, but I felt as though I had known her my entire life. Angelica helped me find ways to learn to cope with the pain, deal with my grief, and face my loss head on. Since meeting her, I tried and enjoyed a grief support group, which I never imagined ever having the courage to join. I also signed up for a leadership academy program through work, I purchased self-help books on grief and loss, and I attend a yoga class most days out of the week. This path has not been easy, but with Angelica’s support, I’ve opened myself up to the idea of re-discovering myself. Finding purpose and meaning in my life as well as learning who I am, what my dreams, aspirations, and visions are, separate from my amazing 33 years with my grandmother. Angelica’s passion for helping others shows through tremendously in her work. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her support. She is my guardian angel and I’m extremely blessed to have met her.

-Jess G.

Woman Jumping on a Beach

Angelica Griegel has been instrumental in helping our teen daughter cope with her anxiety.  Since working with Angelica, we have seen a marked difference in Z’s ability to tap into her inner voice and advocate for herself.  When Z leaves a session with Angelica, it is clear she feels heard, understood, and most importantly, empowered.  

We are also grateful for Angelica’s insights and advice on how our family can communicate better in order to mitigate our daughter’s anxiety, as well as our own.  Angelica’s ability to communicate advice in this realm surpasses that of any other mental health professional I have encountered, and I would enthusiastically refer her to families with teens who are struggling emotionally and socially. 

-Judi M.

Reverse of Woman on a Beach

Feeling absolutely derailed, hopeless and confused, I was desperate to find a coach or counselor who specialized in family conflict and toxic relationships. I found both in Angelica. After only one coaching session with Angelica, I was beginning to feel more confident and empowered, something I haven’t felt in many, many years.  After three sessions, I completely changed the dynamic within my family unit.

Angelica is an expert in the field of toxic relationships, manipulation, and self esteem. I have learned so many invaluable lessons from Angelica, but the one that stands out most is how a person treats me has all to do with them, and nothing to do with me. I no longer take how others treat me personally, I know my self-worth, and most of all, I love myself. 

-Patricia V.

Woman Jumping on a Beach
I’ve been working with Angelica for just shy of a month now. I initially reached out to her because I was at the end of an extremely toxic relationship and I needed some guidance on how to move forward. In the initial consultation, I knew I had come to the right place. It was clear right off the bat that she is extremely educated and knowledgeable, but she also showed impressive empathy and kindness to my difficult situation. Angelica often asks me seemingly simple questions that I had not asked myself, and oftentimes the answer opened my eyes tremendously . She also has the courage to tactfully and kindly point out my flaws, and I say that with the highest regard for it. Her availability through texting saved me on more than one occasion also. I can honestly say I could not have gotten through this situation without her, and I highly recommend her guidance to anyone in a similar situation as I was. 

-Name redacted (male in mid 30s)

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