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Discomfort is a Catalyst for Growth

Discomfort is a Catalyst for Growth

When I heard that school/daycare is cancelled until who knows when due to COVID-19, I felt completely hopeless. HOW am I going to work from home and teleconference with a 3 year old? Earlier in the day, my daughter demanded I read “Not The (Cookie) Monster” to her while I was on a call. I tried all kinds of redirection – nothing worked. At one point, my client asked if I want to read the book real quick… maybe it’ll satisfy her? 

The next day, I realized that nothing good can come from resisting what is. My only option is to SURRENDER. So, I did exactly that — I leaned in to this experience.  And we had a great day.

During my calls, my daughter patiently played alone and climbed onto my lap when she needed to reconnect. My mood, my CALM, set the tone for both my meeting and my daughter’s temperament. Nothing good is going to come from redirecting a child who wants to connect. Only a tantrum.

No, surrendering isn’t a magic fix. But it helps. I also planned my day wisely, allowing a few hours for playtime in between each call. I know well enough that I can’t take any calls after 3pm (witching hour). 

Discomfort is a catalyst for growth. 

I invite you to consider what’s causing you the most discomfort right now, and how might you lean in to help diminish the tension. How will you create a new normal for your family?

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