Hi There!

I'm Angelica!

I founded @TheToxicRelationshipExpert after i had been in a toxic relationship, embarked on the path of healing, and realized more people needed support.

Why do we stay in situations that aren’t right for us? Why do we accept treatment that’s less than we deserve? Why do we trust other people’s opinions over our own? Why do we base our value on what other people think of us?

I’ve been there… 

Angelica’s passion for helping others shows through tremendously in her work. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her support.

For me, I didn’t believe in myself. I was a people-pleaser and feared conflict. I didn’t trust my inner voice. I ignored my intuition. I subconsciously felt like I wasn’t enough. I felt inadequate.

I healed my Self, and I can help you heal, too!

I provide support that is both
genuine and evidence based

Not only am I a coach, I'm a ...

I’ve supported clients with a range of backgrounds, needs, and goals. I just get it.

To me, this isn’t only a job. It’s a calling. And I love what I do!

When I’m not working with my inspiring clients, you can find me hanging out with my three-year-old daughter, perusing beauty products at Sephora, or walking along the beach!

Are you ready
to reclaim your
life and self?